What’ll Happen to You If You Start Eating 3 Eggs a Day?

You’ll have more time and energy


7. You’ll have more time and energy

Have you ever taken the time to prepare eggs? If so, you probably know that it takes like no time at all. Crack a few in a pan, stir them around with a little salt, pepper and a tiny bit of putter, and within 2-3 minutes or less, you will have yourself a plate full of eggs. Set a few eggs in a pot, pour water over them, set the stovetop to medium-high, and let your eggs boil for a quick breakfast on the go. Crack an egg on a frying pan and watch it sizzle.

The point is, it takes no time to cook an egg, leaving you time to do more important things — whatever that may be. Plus, you’ll have truck loads more energy than had you poured yourseld a bowl of cereal. Trust us.