What Will Happen If You Eat 20 Almonds Every Day?


Have Greater Energy

Almonds are great for delivering sustained energy because they contain an optimal balance of carbs, protein, and fat. They also offer magnesium, a nutrient that helps your body produce energy by metabolizing fat and carbohydrates. It is increasingly difficult to get enough daily magnesium from diet alone because the soil in which our produce is grown has ever decreasing levels of this important mineral. Therefore, many of us don’t get enough magnesium in a day, which is just part of the reason we feel so beat all the time. Almonds are a particularly rich source of magnesium with 80 grams per ounce. That’s a good start toward receiving your RDA of 400 grams, but supplementation of magnesium may ultimately be necessary.

Due to the balanced nutrition available in almonds, eating an ounce a day is a highly recommended dietary habit. However, almonds are also relatively high in calories, so attention must be paid to reasonable portion size. But for a quick boost, sustained energy, and a host of long term health benefits, eating 20 almonds a day is a smart choice for both children and adults. Go nuts!