Things That Will Happen to Your Body If You Start Eating Honey Every Day

You’ll reduce symptoms of asthma

9. You’ll reduce symptoms of asthma

Honey has been used to soothe sore throats for many years, but it may also help reduce the symptoms of asthma, especially at night. Studies have shown that eating a couple of teaspoons of honey before bed may reduce inflammation in the bronchial tubes (airways within the lungs) and help break up mucus that makes it hard to breathe. One particular study compared honey to dextromethorphan, which is the active ingredient in most cough suppressant medications. Honey was shown to be more effective at reducing the severity and frequency of nighttime coughing.

A note about allergies

A note about allergies

While honey is an amazing product that can promote good health both inside and out, some people are allergic to it. If you have had a significant allergic response to bees or bee stings in the past, a daily honey regimen is not recommended for you.

Note that the health benefits ascribed to honey are mostly referring to raw honey, which is not processed before it is packaged, other than straining out larger pieces of debris. Lightly processed honey also has health benefits. Some large commercial producers, however, process raw honey heavily and dilute it with ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. Not only does this wipe out the metabolic benefits of the honey, it removes a lot of its nutrients and antioxidants, as well.

Raw honey gets a bad reputation because it may contain botulism spores, but that is quite rare. Healthy adults are typically able to digest these spores in a way that renders them harmless. However, botulism is of greater risk for pregnant women and infants, so if you fall into either category, it’s best to steer clear for safety’s sake.

Otherwise, get that honey habit started today!