Things That Will Happen to Your Body If You Start Eating Honey Every Day

You’ll sleep better

4. You’ll sleep better

The conventional wisdom is to avoid eating a lot of sugar before bed, and that’s still good advice. But did you know that your body needs energy to effectively manage the tasks related to sleep? Obviously you need to keep breathing; your heart needs to keep beating.

But the brain is also extremely busy processing and storing the day’s events. If you take a tablespoon of honey before bed, you help stimulate the production of melatonin, the chemical responsible for allowing the body to drift off to sleep. The steady release of glucose then fuels your slumber.

Youll improve your memory

5. You’ll improve your memory

Multiple studies have determined that consuming honey reduces oxidative stress on the brain. Memory and concentration improved for the participants as a result. But that’s not all. An Argentinean study on honey’s chemical composition found that it can help to build and develop the central nervous system of children as well as improve memory and learning.

So whether you are creeping toward old age or new on the planet, honey supports brain health.

You can lose some weight

6. You can lose some weight

White sugar is a highly refined product that contains empty calories. Honey, on the other hand, contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes along with its calories. Replacing white sugar with honey is known to drop triglyceride levels (as compared to white sugar) and jumpstart the body’s metabolic activity.

It’s still not healthy to load up on honey, but using it in place of the added sugar you already consume is a good first step.