10 Signs You Might be Gluten-Intolerant

2. Dark Circles Under the Eyes

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There is a misunderstanding about the cause of the dark purplish circles, or “allergy shiners”, under the eyes as being purely an indication of being over tired. But actually, it could be caused by an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten.

If you notice that you have dark circles under your eyes despite being well rested, removing gluten from your diet could be a big help!

3. Brain Fog

Have you noticed that you can’t seem to think straight, are having trouble remembering things, can’t seem to shake the feeling that you have when you first wake up, or misplace things easily. The protein in gluten can have an extremely negative effect on your brain, and cause damage to the areas of the brain that can cause brain fog and many other areas.

Some damage is even bad enough to be seen by neurologists on MRI scans. People report a vast improvement in the function of their brains after removing gluten from their diets.

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