Just 3 Ingredients Will Unclog Your Arteries Without Medication and Reduce Cholesterol Fast

heart disease


A study that examined the data on 36,375 adults with no history of heart disease or diabetes and a low risk for events like heart attacks or strokes was conducted over a 27 period of time. Most of the adults in the study were found to have  levels of LDL, however the levels were not high enough to be prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication. After 27 years, 1,086 people in the study died of cardiovascular disease and 598 died from coronary heart disease. This lead researchers to conclude that the levels of LDL, although low, had a lasting impact on the heart health of these individuals.

All studies aside, all is NOT lost, even if you have history of clogged arteries. There are simple, natural and healthy remedies that can help, including these three ingredients: garlic, turmeric and oatmeal.

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