9 Reasons to Quit Drinking Coffee Forever



Most of us like to drink coffee. What can be better than a cup of Italian Cappuccino to begin your day with? If you are an occasional coffee drinker it shouldn’t be a problem. However, for some people who consume a lot of caffeine it is recommended to consider reasons to quit drinking coffee or at least to reduce its consumption.

9. Heart Health



If you drink too much coffee, it can put substantial amount of stress on your heart. This stress can result into big problems down the road. Actually, it can cut years of your life. However, an occasional cup of coffee is not going to be a problem. Nonetheless, you might want to re-think your priorities if you drink more that four cups a day.

8. Coffee Can Stress You Out

coffee stress


For those having stressful lifestyle, drinking coffee can make it worse. If you feel you have too much stress in your life, consider avoiding caffeine at all.

7. Headaches

When you drink coffee every day you get used to it. Your brain start to rely on caffeine you consume. Caffeine can cause headaches, and caffeine withdrawal can do the same.

6. Sleep

Coffee Insomnia


If you consume too much caffeine it can keep you from sleeping. Cutting caffeine out may help you to get a good night’s rest. However, if you cannot cut coffee out completely, try not to drink it 5-6 hours before you go to bed.

5. Added Sugar


Coffee has bitter taste. Thus, some people add refined sugar to make it sweet. The sugar may create additional negative effects to your health.

4. Addiction



It is well known, that caffeine creates addiction. And when you try to reduce coffee consumption, it may be problematic. If you feel you cannot start your work day without a coffee, you are probably already addicted.

3. Teeth Staining



Coffee as well as tea and chocolate all cause teeth staining problems. If you want to have perfectly white teeth, you may want to reduce consumption of these products. As a matter of fact, whitening treatments can damage your enamel. As a result, if you keep drinking coffee, you may end up with even more stained teeth.

2. Digestion Issues

Digestive System


Remember you had a coffee and had to run to the bathroom urgently? It happens to many of us. The reason is digestion problem that caffeine can cause. Cutting coffee out may help to eliminate this issue.

1. Irritability

Caffeine puts you on edge. As a result, you are becoming hard to deal with. This can damage your relationships with people around you. If you feel that caffeine affects you this way you might consider cutting it off.

We hope reading this article was beneficial. And you better understand how coffee affect your body and your mind.