10 Things You Wish Your Dentist Knew

2. Vitamins


There a few vitamins which are just essential for oral health as the minerals listed above. Vitamin K is essential for the proper formation of bones and teeth. There are two types of vitamin K, K1 and K2, and it is K2 which is the most valuable for strong teeth. Vitamin C is important for excellent gum health; it helps to prevent bleeding gums and other gum diseases. Vitamin A acts as a helper to lubricate your mouth which helps to prevent dry mouth. A dry mouth breeds bacteria very quickly. Lastly, vitamin D works synergistically with magnesium, calcium and Vitamin K2 to properly form healthy and strong teeth. So as you can see, it’s very important to make sure you are getting all of these vitamins to help maintain a healthy mouth.

3. Ditch the Sugar



Sugar is terrible for our oral health. Bad bacteria feed off of sugar. So if any sugar is left over in your mouth after eating or drinking something that contains it, those bad bacteria will sit on your teeth and cause decay. Sugar also robs our bodies of the essential vitamins and minerals listed previously, causing further decay from the inside out.

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