These Facts About Kale Might Surprise You

Healthy Eyes, Bones, Heart and Brain

Kale Smoothie - Kale benefits

Kale is very beneficial for your eyes because of high concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants areĀ found naturally in the eyes and need to be restored regularly to maintain healthy eyes. Kale has the highest amount of lutein of any vegetable. As a general rule, the darker the green, the higher the concentration of lutein.

As a matter of fact, milk is not the only source of calcium for strong bones. One cup of kale contains as much calcium as one cup of milk.

Kale is packed with iron and flavonoids, which help to carry oxygen to all of the cells in the body and reduces risk of stroke. Omega-3 fatty acids contained in kale can improve not only brain memory, but overall brain performance.

Combine with Other Healthy Foods

In fact, kale is very beneficial on its own. But your body will benefit even more if you eat kale with some other healthy foods. Healthy fats, such as avocado, olive oil or almond butter, can combine with kale for easier absorption.

Apart from kale benefits related to your health, this leafy vegetable also very easy to incorporate into any meal. You can have it with breakfast omelette or lunch salad, as a side dish with chicken or fish.