20 Healthy Foods That Are Making You Fat

9. Burritos



Burritos are convenient. You can get a lot of healthy ingredients into your wrap.

However, you need to remember about calories in the tortilla, which can reach up to 300 calories. In addition, you may get calories from sour cream, cheese and a fatty meat.

Healthy choice: Opt in for a burrito bowl instead of the tortilla. Otherwise, choose a whole grain option tortilla. Also, choose lean chicken meat, black beans, brown rice and veggies.

10. Cereal

The selection is critical when dealing with cereal… You may get a perfect meal with fiber, protein and whole grains. Or you might fill your stomach with sugar and sodium.

Healthy choice: Read the list of ingredients and nutrition facts on the cereal you intend to buy. Stay, if possible, under 8 grams of sugar per serving and make sure the cereal contains at least 3 grams of fiber. Whole grain is always a better choice.

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