20 Healthy Foods That Are Making You Fat

19. Nuts



Nuts are a perfect source of protein, fiber and fatty acids. However, they also contain a lot of calories. A quarter cup of almonds contains over 130 calories.

Healthy choice: Measure your nut servings before eating.

20. Dried Fruits

Fruits are super healthy. They are loaded with vitamins and high in fiber and nutrients. The same applies to dried fruits.

Dried fruits, however, may be tricky. Because they don’t contain water, they are roughly 6 times denser than fresh fruits. That means that if you eat a cup of raisins, you will consume 6 times more sugar than eating a cup of fresh grapes.

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Healthy choice: Similar to nuts, watch out how your servings of dried fruits. Limited portion is a one of the best solutions on the road to fat loss.