Say Goodbye to Knee Pain with These Effective Remedies

Mustard oil

8. Mustard oil

Straight mustard oil, though it sounds like food, is not actually safe for eating. (Mustard essential oil, on the other hand, is okay to consume.) Mixed with a milder carrier oil, like olive or coconut, either type of mustard oil can be great when massaged into painful knees. It is thought to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation, thereby soothing pain.

You can boost the effects by adding garlic or onion to your mustard oil, cooking gently for about 10 minutes before straining and cooling. Garlic and onion both contain a compound called allicin, which also reduces inflammation.

We encourage you to try each of these natural remedies in turn to see which of them delivers the best pain relief for you. Results can vary based on the reason for your knee pain, but you can’t go wrong by eating more of any of the healthy staples on our list. They all have numerous health benefits beyond reducing inflammation. Even the topical treatments can’t hurt. The promise of less pain, more flexible knees, and better overall health is reason enough to give these ideas a fair trial. We hope you feel better soon!