You Won’t Believe These Simple Tips For a Flat Stomach

Drink water before your meal

Getting flat abs and tight tummy might not be an easy task. However, there are some simple tips that can speed up your progress in achieving flat stomach.

1. Bring water with you everywhere you go

When you have a bottle of water with you, you are less likely to drink that sugar-loaded soda or juice. This is an extremely effective way to lose stomach fat fast. Try it for a few weeks and you will notice the difference!

2. Drink water before your meal

If you are thirsty, you will eat more. To avoid overeating and consuming unwanted calories, try to drink a glass of water a few minutes before eating.

3. Color your plate with fruits and vegetables

The more colorful your plate the more healthy benefits it can provide. Each vegetable and fruit is colored differently because it contains different nutritional elements. You will get a variety of vitamins and minerals and your body will function better and burn fat fast.

4. Avoid all fast food and soda

Do you really want to lose stomach fat? Avoid fast food! Try to substitute with healthier choices, like salads, lean meats and fruits.

Same with the recommendation for soda. Avoid it. A single soda contains more calories than a large banana. Moreover, soda does not have any nutritional value.

5. Do both weight-bearing and non weight-bearing exercises

Doing crunches is not enough to burn belly fat and achieve a flat stomach. Weight-bearing exercises push you to work against gravity. Examples are: walking, climbing stairs, jogging, hiking, etc. Examples on non weight-bearing exercises are biking, rowing and swimming. For best results, combine weight bearing and non-weight bearing exercises, and add weight training and cardio plus some yoga. This mix will give you a true lifetime of fitness. In other words – be active!