6 Shocking Foods That Cause Erectile Dysfunction



It is commonly assumed that erectile dysfunction (ED) is associated with men as they begin to age. However, it isn’t necessary a normal part of aging for men. There are many things that cause ED, but what you eat plays a vital role. In fact, bad food choices can lead to high blood pressure and atherosclerosis which can restrict the blood flow to some areas. Therefore, watching your everyday diet can make the difference between a great night and a frustrating one. Find out foods that can lead to ED.

1. Meats

If you want to keep going hard good blood circulation is essential. As a matter of fact, ED can actually be a sign of an unhealthy heart. That’s right, it’s all about blood circulation.

Medical evidence has shown that consuming a lot of red meat clogs up the arteries going to all organs. Research shows that to prevent artery blockage it is important to eat diet high in fiber, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

The Journal of Consumer Research posted a scientific evidence showing that animal protein can cause a list of diseases, including impotence.

2. Soy

Some people who want to eat healthier switch to soy. However, soy has unhealthy fats that can create imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. This can affect your mood, energy, strength and sexual health. Moreover, excessive soy consumption may lead to breast development in men!

There is a research that a 19-year-old male experienced erectile dysfunction because of including a lot of soy in his diet. Another 60-year old man developed breasts and sexual dysfunction after drinking three quarts of soy milk every day for six months. Interesting to know that all these issues resolved after their diet was changed.

The only exception is fermented soy. Because it is made using natural fermentation.

3. Fried Foods

The most unhealthy food you can find is anything deep fried in fat or oil. Regular consumption of these food may lead to heart diseases, cancer,  and a list of  other health problems. Moreover, they make you fat. It is well known, that many restaurants reuse the same oil over and over again to cut costs. Foods that have been prepared in such oil are very unhealthy.

What to perform great in bed? Stop eating those French fries, fried chicken and donuts!

4. Salt

As a matter of fact, salt has the opposite effect of Viagra. Viagra keeps the nitric oxide in your blood stream longer. As a result, your arteries will relax and that will allow more blood to flow through your body. Too much salt consumption can create hypertension and constrict your arteries.

Furthermore, salt in associated with heart diseases and high blood pressure. Salt can make your arteries hard and less elastic, that will make it harder for the blood to flow. Research shows that damage caused by salt is similar to tobacco smoke damage.

5. Packaged And Canned Foods

It might surprise you, but eating on the go canned and packaged foods affects your performance in the bedroom.

BPA is a chemical that inhibit sex hormones in the body. As a matter of fact, this chemical can be found in plastics and canned foods. For example, BPA is contained in beverage containers, packaging, canned soups, beans, peas, etc. It is estimated, that around 90% of people in the United States have high level of this chemical in their bodies.
Studies show, that high level of BPA can lead to ED and even reproduction problems.

6. Alcohol

You are more relaxed and confident after consuming alcohol. However, what you should know, that alcohol can affect your erection and sexual performance as well. A glass of wine shouldn’t be a problem. But people who drink a lot may want to reconsider their alcohol consumption.

Research shows, that heavy drinking lowers your testosterone level. Your body tries to eliminate the alcohol from your blood stream and taking out testosterone as well. Alcohol can lead to decreased sexual desire, premature release and difficulty achieving the peak.

Furthermore, to the contrary belief, alcohol can depress you. It can affect your mood and decrease sexual drive. Chronic alcoholism can result in long-term ED. Over 60% of men who drink heavily regularly suffer from erectile dysfunction.