Easy Snoring Remedies: How to Stop Snoring


4. Keep hydrated

Dry mouth and throat could be a reason for storing because the mucus in your nose and throat are stickier when dry. And when things are dry and sticky, air passes through with difficulty, causing you to snore.

However, when you are hydrated, it lubricates those areas, creating healthy mucus and allowing a steady flow of quiet and calm air to your lungs.

5. Avoid alcohol

When staying hydrated, alcohol is not included in the list of fluids to consume if you want to fix your snoring problem. More than that, if you snore, alcohol consumption can cause individuals to develop sleep apnea.

In fact, according to a 1982 study on the effect of alcohol ingestion on sleep-induced breathing abnormalities, it was found that alcohol increased the duration of obstructive apnea, and increased the tendency of the subjects to develop obstructive apnea.

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