This Drink May Help You to Eliminate Knee and Joint Pain in Just 5 Days

Food Choices to Help Ease Arthritis Pain


Inflammation is actually a bodily defense mechanism that’s meant to seal off an afflicted part of the body so that whatever the problem is doesn’t spread. However, chronic inflammation causes more problems than it solves. Inflammation that doesn’t go away is generally called an autoimmune disorder. When there is no infection to fight but inflammation persists, the result is pain, stiffness, and potential loss of function of the affected joints.

Chronic inflammation may also push your joints out of position, causing muscle strain. The muscles then eventually rebuild around the misplaced joint in an attempt to stabilize it, and none of this is comfortable. At that point, you are also likely to experience pain in other parts of your body because of the misaligned joint.

Vitamin deficiency is a common cause of inflammation, especially if your body lacks sufficient calcium, bromelain, magnesium, and iron. Our smoothie recipe is aimed at providing the right nutrition to reduce chronic inflammation and make it easier to heal from the original complaint.

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