Best Foods for Those with Low Blood Pressure

Foods high in folate

Folate is another B vitamin, in this case, B-9. It is crucial in periods of rapid growth, especially pregnancy. Too little folate has the same effect as a deficiency in B-12, if the lack plays into the development of anemia. Folate or folic acid is found in sources like asparagus, garbanzo beans, citrus fruits, broccoli, and liver. If your doctor finds that you are low in this critical nutrient, he or she may recommend a supplement.


Good news – while almost any other health condition will require limiting salt intake, with hypotension, this less of a concern. Sure, you don’t want to start gorging on potato chips and fast food to get your blood pressure up, because your weight will go right along with it. However, since salty foods can increase blood pressure, it’s okay to indulge sometimes. Good choices include canned soup, smoked fish, roasted nuts, hummus, cottage cheese, and olives.

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