9 Bad Habits That Make You Fat


Maintaining a healthy weight is the result of a combination of factors. It has to do with diet, of course, and also lifestyle. Certain elements may be beyond your control, such as genetics, chronic illness, and need of certain medications. In any case, losing weight is not an easy job.

We may become overwhelmed with the mass amount of conflicting data on the “right” diet, or get lost in the caveats about when to avoid particular foods. And then there is the psychological aspect of weight loss – with very real cravings for comfort food nagging away at you, how can you stay strong and force yourself to eat things you don’t really want?

It may be easier to get started by looking not at what you eat, but how you eat. Rather than completely overhauling your kitchen (at first), consider the following nine habits that can make you fat. Changing the habits one by one will jumpstart your weight loss and help you find the motivation to make more changes going forward.

1. Eating before bed

It’s a comforting habit to snack on something before bed, but this type of eating is largely mindless and seldom includes healthy food. It’s also not strictly necessary as long as you ate normally throughout the day. While our bodies do require some fuel over the night, what we had for dinner will likely suffice.

Take the time to notice whether you really are hungry at bedtime, or whether you are just following a habit. If your stomach is growling, it’s perfectly fine to have a small snack – just make it something like a piece of fruit or a handful of raw nuts.