Anti-Aging Foods That Will Make Your Skin Glow


1. Oranges and other citrus fruit

Oranges contain lots of Vitamin C — 85% of your daily value in one small orange, to be exact. Vitamin C has been well-known to fight the common cold. Why? Well, not only is this vitamin a vitamin, but it also acts an antioxidant that fights disease, illness and even skin-harming free radicals.

Conversely, a lack of Vitamin C has been a well-known reason for scurvy, which is a condition that causes skin lesions, makes your skin more susceptible to bruising and slower to heal.  A study actually found that Vitamin C has what researchers called, “anti-scurvy properties” that boost collagen in the skin.

So, peel an orange, squeeze some lemon in that water or add a lime to that salad if you want your skin to be healthy.