10 Uses for Honey Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You to Know

3. Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep is a very essential thing humans need for survival, and honey is a powerhouse in the sleep department! We just won’t survive without quality sleep. Taking a spoonful of raw honey before going to sleep provides your liver with the necessary things it needs to be able to properly detoxify your blood and lymph, aid in proper circulation, and hormone regulation during rest. Melatonin is a hormone which is released during sleep; honey can help to stimulate the body to produce this sleep hormone, which will ensure a restful night’s sleep. Try mixing a spoonful of honey into a glass of warm milk of your choice, to boost its melatonin producing effects, and enjoy a restorative night’s sleep!

2. Weight Management

Honey is very sweet! It can be used to replace many other sweeteners in drinks, baked goods and other foods, and is lower it is calories. Once you make the switch to honey you’ll never go back! Honey is a delicious primary choice to sweeten your foods. With all of the other benefits it seems like a no brainer to make the switch.