10 Uses for Honey Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You to Know

7. Wound Healing

Wound Healing


Honey is a wonderful natural wound healer. It is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antibiotic. This makes it a powerhouse for quick wound healing. There are some alternative companies who have made healing dressings for wounds using a type of honey called Manuka honey. These have been used to treat things like MRSA skin lesions, which have previously not responded to other conventional treatments. You can make an at home version of these dressings by cutting a square of sterile gauze and putting a dab of honey on the gauze, then place the gauze over the affected area and secure with waterproof surgical tape. Change the dressing daily to clean the wound and reapply another dressing with honey.

6. Improve Allergies

Improve Allergies


Since honey contains information from the environment where the nectar was collected from, it will contain the natural allergens in the area that people with environmental allergies are commonly allergic to. But these minute amounts of allergens that the honey contains can actually be beneficial to people with allergies. Exposure to a small amount of an allergen, like the amount in honey, can help their body adapt and become tolerant of the allergens they were previously allergic to. The key is to get honey that was made by local bees.

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