7 Bitter Herbs to Improve Digestion

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Proper digestion, absorption, and utilization of nutrients is very important to nourish cells, tissues, and organs. Some herbs that help improve digestion are digestive bitters. The bitter herbs have an intensely bitter taste. This bitterness promotes appetite and aids digestion. This action can be achieved via the taste buds and a reflex action in the brain. If these herbs are given in capsules and cannot be tasted, their digestive properties do not come into play.

Some of other herbs that aid digestion herbs are sialogogue which stimulate the flow of saliva. As digestion starts in the mouth, the importance of saliva in the digestion cannot be overstressed.  The saliva breaks down large carbohydrates into smaller units, which can then be processed in other parts of the system. Eating in a rush can hinder proper digestion, as there will be no time for saliva to mix thoroughly with the food.

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