13 Common Yoga Mistakes Women are Making


If you haven’t heard of yoga, then you’ve probably been living in a cave or on a deserted island somewhere. The mega popular workout has become a go to for everyone from newborns to pensioners, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows what they’re doing when it comes to this ancient exercise. There are plenty of small mistakes that even seasoned professional yogi’s make. Good thing is, they are all relatively easy to fix!

1. Relying on DVD’s

It might seem like the easier option but yoga is like any new form of exercise you’re trying for the first time. It is a good idea if you want to make yoga a part of your regular routine that you take a couple of lessons. That way, when you go to practice at home you’ll have a solid foundation of knowledge to support you. If you do decide to go solo make sure you follow the instructors perfectly! You don’t want to get stuck in downward dog!

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